With technology budgets shrinking and cyber security threats growing to become more destructive in nature, businesses of all sizes are struggling to meet their data security needs. At BluSapphire, we strive to ease this burden. We exist to make technology work for you by offering you managed security services that promise you 360-degree, round-the-clock, foolproof security against all types of data security and theft risks. 

Whether your in-house IT department lacks the resources and expertise to combat the highly hostile malware or you’re simply looking for a reliable partner who can help ease your burden and allow you to focus on your core business, BluSapphire can minimize your vulnerability against security risks with its full range of managed security services that include:

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IDS / IPS Management

Get maximum return on your IDS/IPS devices with the help of our managed security services that ensure the integrity of your network by ensuring that your devices are tuned in to detect and restrict all the existing and newly coded security threats.



Firewall Management

Designed to meet the security and accessibility needs of the most dynamic and complex networks, our firewall management services not only mitigate risks and prevent costly breaches, but also help you ensure compliance to all data security regulations and make policy implementation easier for you.

Vulnerability Management

Make the vulnerability management process less time-intensive with our managed security services that help you prioritize the vulnerabilities detected after a thorough scan of your on-premise and cloud databases and make your network more secure and protected.



Prevent web-borne destructive codes from disrupting your business performance by utilizing the web security scanning services offered by BluSapphire that safeguard your critical web resources and help you achieve a higher level of security.


Log Monitoring & Retention

We make the tedious process of log monitoring and retention easy and seamless for you with our log monitoring and retention services that allow you to respond with speed and precision in case a threat or vulnerability puts your security at risk.