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Join other industry leaders, technical experts,
and CISOs to discuss Cybersecurity's most pressing

The free event takes place on the second
Wednesday of every month.

Industry leaders, advisors and CISOs join a virtual
panel to share and debate opinions, and answer
individual questions.

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Incident Response: What Will You Sacrifice?
The event is free to attend
18th August, 2021, 6:30PM IST/ 9AM ET

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Cybersecurity and Hybrid Work: A Match Made in Hell?

This event happened on 14th July, 2021. For the event recording, please take a look at our Resources section or read the summary here.

What do employees, business leaders, and the Board need to know about Cybersecurity in the Hybrid Work context? Panelists Rich Moore, Kiran Vangaveti, Amit Dhawan, and Aman Chhikara answer from their real-world experiences.

Incident Response: What will you sacrifice?

This event is coming up on Wednesday the 18th of August at 6:30 PM IST/ 9 AM ET. To attend, please register using the form above.

In the ecosystem of Incident Response, everyone has a stake, even though the priorities might be different. What does every team in an org. care about, and how can you develop a plan to address all of these needs?