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Industry Use Cases



Use Case

Pharma companies hold extremely valuable Intellectual Property. Apart from that drug lifecycle management invites intense scrutiny from FDA and other regulatory authorities. Any system, hardware/software connected with drug lifecycle management undergoes thorough validation process as mandated by regulatory bodies.

Introducing any changes in this environment invites a complete revalidation of the environment, which is extremely expensive w.r.t resources and time. This makes them the prime target for attackers, as these systems also often hold valuable information that an attacker can use to cause harm.


Economy Loss, IP/Data Compromise, Immense Reputation Loss, Loss of Competitive advantage, Regulatory penalties.


BluSapphire’s agentless response and remediation is an excellent option for these systems, as it does not require any agent to be installed. This helps organizations prevent an expensive deployment cycle, followed by a resource intensive validation cycle. BluSapphire system can be implemented in a day, and CIOs can protect these validated environments without being intrusive.


Banking & Finance


Use Case

A large public sector banking organization in APAC region was left unnoticed about a huge network breach via malicious program which was utilizing SIP/VOIP Network as a CNC channel.


Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, Data Compromise, Deleting or Encrypting data in order to carry out an extortion scheme.


BluSapphire is a true watchdog sniffing the Network traffic, monitoring endpoints activities, understanding behavioural patterns in real-time. Our multi-vector engine ensures that every anomaly isanalysed effectively. Its Advanced Behavioural engine keeps a track of unusual activities within the network and eyes for any suspicious user behaviour patterns.

Built on Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Behavioural analysis &artificial intelligence (AI) techniques; we can detect an attack and stop it in Milli Seconds instead of days and weeks. Our Automated Agentless Response, can respond to threats in real-time, as compared to weeks and months it takes doing this manually.

“Our cyber-detection capabilities increased drastically. Agentless Quarantine has improved our response times”
— CTO, Large Investment Firm in NYC



Use Case

A premier Education Institution in APAC lost its membership & was blacklisted by Leading Research & publishing organization as attackers ‘used’ Institution’s network to download research papers from Research & Publishing Organization’s server via Botnet activity.


Data Compromise, Reputation Loss, Deleting or Encrypting data in order to carry out an extortion scheme.


BluSapphire is a multidimensional cybersecurity platform which not only utilizes the Power of Machine learning models but also leverages Sandboxing technique for having in depth Network Behaviour& pattern analysis. Attackers today are bending minds to build New Tools/Techniques to perform a hack.

Being in the Race OR being simply ahead; We Think & Respond Where Attackers STOP!

“Our research is now no one else’s property. We now have a security platform which we can not just detect, but also automatically respond to a threat without human intervention. ”
— Dean, Premier Educational Institute in India



Use Case

A country’s economy is crippled if its Power Grid /oil network is down just for a day & scenario will be much more catastrophic if the outage was a result of cyber-attack, which may fuel geo political situation.

In current scenario; Threat is looming large on Operations of Oil & gas, utility & Manufacturing Industries since; SCADA control networks, which are the heart & soul of operation control is a set of Legacy systems which are as old as 30 Years. The operating systems on such machines are already outdated & hence are no more receiving patch upgrades. Any 3rd Party patch installations are not granted to be deployed on systems to ensure OEM warranty is not void. This situation is creating a huge vulnerability which attacker would leverage upon.


Economy Loss, Data Compromise, Reputation Loss, Threat to Mankind.


BluSapphire’s Intelligent Cyber Defense system has the capability to operate independently in air-gapped networks. Our reliance on our advanced Machine Learning models, and Predictive Data Analytics helps us detect threats and stop them, where competition fails.

BluSapphire’s agentless response is an excellent choice for these legacy environments, where installing an agent is not feasible, practical and/or voids manufacturer’s warranty. BluSapphire’ s Intelligent Agentless Response Automation mechanism is capable of responding and remediating threats without any additional dependencies. This uniquely fits SCADA and air-gapped networks.

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