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Inefficient cyber defense systems are costing you more than you know!


Countering new age threats requires a holistic view and a coherent approach across the detection and remediation cycle. Organizations looking to improve their cyber resilience need cyber security solutions with a blend of data science, behaviour analytics, cognitive capabilities, and intelligent visualization technologies. Agility, flexibility, scalability, and easy integration with other tools and systems are some other desired features of a system equipped to deal with ever evolving cyber threats.


The First And Only Unified Cyber Defense Platform With Intelligent Response Automation

BluSapphire is one platform that replaces your entire advanced cyber defense stack. It gets rid of silos by converging network, system, and end point based multi-vector analysis. Built on an Open Data Platform, it readily integrates with existing security tools to deliver comprehensive advanced cyber defense.


BluSapphire Features with Screenshots

BluSapphire Difference


Single Platform that replaces the Advanced Cyber Defense stack


Single click, no query, historical recursive network IOC detection


Advanced forensics to detect context and timeline of attack


Agentless response and remediation


Open Data Platform (ODP) that can replace existing SIEM, UEBA systems


Effective in air-gapped, SCADA, and mission-critical networks


Zero day and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection


Advanced data analytics with over 400+ pre-built analytical models


Intuitive UI with smart chatbots and customizable widgets


Open Data Platform


Open Data Platform (ODP) is an integral part of the BluSapphire platform and is its USP. It can augment or replace your existing log management, SIEM and UEBA systems with a highly efficient and zero maintenance system. It is built on top of elastic search and enables response automation, machine learning and advanced data analytics. It enables historic and point-in-time threat hunting via its deep data lake that stores huge amounts of semi-structured log data.


BluSapphire Benefits


Single Platform that replaces the Advanced Defense Stack at a fraction of the cost


Total Cost of Ownership reduced by up to 45%


Proactive automated response in seconds


Zero day and Advanced Persistent Threat Detection with zero dependencies

Use Cases


Stop Attacks That Are Not

Detected by Your Anti-Virus

Today's malware is specifically designed to bypass anti-malware and cyber security products. They avoid detonating in traditional sandboxes and use scripts and documents that easily bypass traditional and next-gen tools.

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Incident Response With

Automated Containment

Speed is of essence in response and remediation when a malware finds its way into enterprise systems. Bogged down with manual effects, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), forensic tools often disrupt the system to contain threat.

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Go Beyond Application


Application Whitelisting protects endpoints by allowing only preapproved binaries to execute. heavily relying on support teams, this strategy is largely ineffective against today's advanced threats focused on file-less malware.

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BluSapphire vs Competition

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