BluSapphire | Intelligent Cyber Defense


Use Cases

Stop Attacks That Are Not Detected by Your Anti-Virus


Today's malware is specifically designed to bypass anti-malware and other cyber security products. They avoid detonating in traditional sandboxes and use scripts and documents that easily bypass traditional and next-gen tools.

BluSapphire's unique agentless multi-vector platform outperforms next-gen Anti-Virus software in detecting, proactively responding, and remediating malware using an intelligent response model.


Incident Response With Automated Containment


Speed is of essence in response and remediation when a malware finds its way into enterprise systems. Bogged down with manual effects, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), forensic tools often disrupt the system to contain threat.

BluSapphire's BluGenie offers an automated, agentless, non-disruptive, and on-demand solution to precisely contain these incidents within minutes and also detects and weeds out unknown attackers.


Go Beyond Application Whitelisting


Application Whitelisting protects endpoints by allowing only preapproved binaries to execute. heavily relying on support teams, this strategy is largely ineffective against today's advanced threats focused on file-less malware.

A more practical approach to augmenting your current cyber defense is to go beyond whitelisting and understand the context of executions to stop them. BluSapphire's approach does this by seamlessly augmenting current security architecture with Advanced Detection, Response and Remediation.


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